About Us

Bhagvati Minerals produces Ground Calcium Carbonates with series of different brightness and particle sizes as per the requirement of the industry and the customers. Ground Calcium Carbonate is manufactured by grinding Limestone or Marble because of their high brightness and purity.

What We Are

Our product is a Super White, Highly Pure, Micronized, closely controlled particle size. Ground Calcium Carbonate produced from the finest quality resources procured domestically and internationally.

We are having satisfied customers in major industrial belts of India who are using our ingredients in their products and marketing them successfully in India & Abroad.



What We do

We also offer customized grades for your requirements available in various packing sizes.

It is one of the most widely used Industrial Minerals for a variety of applications and we produce it in a broad range of particle sizes ranging from coarser to finer and ultra-fine sizes depending on the nature of your application it needs to be used in.